Prices & Packages



Massage Therapy at Meadowspace

60 minutes

Perfect for regular appointments or a one off full body relaxation

120 minutes

The Meadowspace Signature Treatment
Two blissful hours of uninterrupted ‘you time’! A soothing full body massage, culminating in a gently reviving facial and tension relieving scalp massage.

90 minutes

Great if you’re in need of a little extra attention

Massage Therapy in your hotel room/glamping site/bnb


60 minutes

Perfect for a full body relaxation

90 minutes

Great if you’re in need of a little extra attention

To book, please call me on 07753 741 720



Regular Weekly Clients:
£30 per hour

I truly believe regular massage can have a genuinely life enhancing effect and therefore want it to be accessible to as many people as possible. If you are committed to keeping a regular time slot once a week I am happy to offer a much reduced rate to support your investment in your own wellbeing. Please note this is only available at the Meadowspace in Ciliau Aeron.

Organic Holistic Facial:

Deeply soothing to leave you relaxed and radiant!


To book, please call me on 07753 741 720


Appointments are available at the following times:


Wednesdays: 8am – 7pm

Thursdays:  8am – 7pm

Fridays: 8am – 7pm

Saturdays: 9am – Midday



What to Expect from a Treatment

My holistic massage treatments are based on swedish massage techniques combined with deep tissue work, stretches, mobilisations, subtle energy work, lymphatic drainage, holds and breathwork.

Each treatment is as unique as your day and your mood. At the beginning of each session we have a short chat about how you are using your body, any aches and pains and what is going on for you emotionally. I will always explain what I think might work and you can always tell me if you don’t like the sound of something!

Holistic massage is typically skin to skin using oil. Although most people only wear pants (to allow easy access to all muscles) you are covered by a thick cotton sheet while I work on one area at a time. Your modesty and complete privacy are assured. I am very happy to work with more clothing or even through clothes if you have any concerns.

A treatment from me will often involve a variety of techniques including:

  • holds to introduce my touch to you
  • light massage to warm up muscles
  • kneading or ‘effleurage’ work to increase fluid circulation and decrease tension
  • deep tissue work to release tightness in connective tissue
  • percussive strokes to energise and restore muscle tone
  • joint mobilisations and stretches.

I ask for and invite feedback on depth of work. Massage should NOT be painful!

There is underfloor heating, a wood burning stove, cosy dressing gowns, fresh fruit to nibble afterwards and Neals Yard Organic products to browse.


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"I have been receiving weekly massage from Jessie to help with the symptoms of Motor Neurone Disease and have found it to be very beneficial. Jessie inspires great confidence as she not only has a thorough knowledge of anatomy but she does her own research into my condition so that I get the best out of each massage. My movement is now very restricted so having muscles worked into is a great way to keep them feeling active and alive and I always feel the benefit afterwards as well as enjoying the treatment and the company."

Michael, Retired Engineer

"As soon as you are in Jessie’s presence you feel well cared for and her massages are beautiful! Jessie is very emotionally aware and genuinely cares for you, ensuring you get the best out of your treatment.  I leave feeling energised and in a far better head space, I highly recommend!"

Julie, Full Time Mum to 2

"Utterly relaxing as well as stimulating! Afterwards in my bath I rolled over onto my front and blew bubbles in the water – something I haven’t done since childhood…such a playful feeling was an unexpected bonus!"

Pippa, Education Consultant

"Massage with Jess gives me a safe place to relax, feel held, nourished and cared for in many different circumstances. I have worked through physical symptoms such as painful shoulders and carpal tunnel with her, found myself uplifted after she has worked deeply on long held areas of tension and have even found myself spontaneously crying mid massage as something ‘released’. It felt safe to express myself and Jess’s calm acceptance left me feeling looked after and comfortable after which I went home and slept better than I had done in ages."

Kal, Doula

"My partner bought me an hour massage with Jess as a birthday gift. It was a full body massage aimed at relaxation. My job involves a lot of physical work, lifting, carrying & walking and the muscles get tight and knotted. After the massage I found all muscular tension had been released and I had the best night's sleep for a long while. I would highly recommend Jess to anyone as a massage therapist."

Jack, farmer